The Original & Gourmet Recipes

From dawn, in the bustle of our workshop, the aromas of cocoa intermingle with aromas of citrus fruits, lemon verbena and mint ... It is the sanctuary of Maison Bonange! We put all our passion into creating original and tasty recipes to offer you unique and authentic tasting pleasure. Our chocolates are powerful, generous and intense and we add dried spices, hazelnuts or pieces of salted butter caramel, sometimes even crystals of essential oils… Do not hesitate to suggest us your ideas! 

Classicism ... French style!

The Bonange collection is dressed in historic Toiles de Jouy colored by us, each canvas being carefully selected to express the gluttony of a recipe. Our shelves have a very particular shape, a nod to the location of our workshop, can you guess where this motif comes from?

The ethical framework

It was obvious to manufacture our chocolate bars using quality ingredients and in an ethical framework faithful to our values. Cocoa beans come from small producers in Peru and the Dominican Republic. We are certified organic by ECOCERT and Equitable by MAX HAVELAAR. Our products do not contain lecithin or genetically modified raw materials, everything is natural without exception. Finally, 100% of our direct suppliers are based in France and our products are 100% recyclable and PEFC certified for the reasoned management of our forests. After having permanently removed the plastic from the company, we are now working to make Maison Bonange a carbon neutral chocolate factory and we are thinking about solutions to make our products even more virtuous.